Hawid Stamp Mounts Black Extra Long Strips

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HAWID strips are 265 mm long, in various heights. Here, too, the strip is 4 mm higher than the given stamp size. Cut the width to your requirements.

The formats of 265 x 80 d – 265 x 100 d mm are available per 10 pieces.

The formats of 265 x 105 d – 265 x 125 d mm are available per 8 pieces.

The formats of 265 x 130 d – 265 x 150 d mm are available per 7 pieces.

The formats of 265 x 155 d – 265 x 160 d mm are available per 6 pieces.

d = double seal (closed top and bottom)

Clear stamp mounts are ideal for e.g. organising pre-printed (illustrated) pages. By contrast, the stamp mounts featuring a black backing film highlight the stamp’s perforated edge, showcasing the actual stamp.

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265x80mm Pack of 10, 265x85mm Pack of 10, 265x90mm Pack of 10, 265x95mm Pack of 10, 265x100mm Pack of 10, 265x105mm Pack of 8, 265x110mm Pack of 8, 265x115mm Pack of 8, 265x120mm Pack of 8, 265x125mm Pack of 8, 265x130mm Pack of 7, 265x135mm Pack of 7, 265x140mm Pack of 7, 265x145mm Pack of 7, 265x150mm Pack of 7, 265x155mm Pack of 6, 265x160mm Pack of 6