About Peter Walters Stamps


Hi, I started collecting from stamps from mail received at the office where my Dad worked at the time and started a collection of used Australian stamps from there. My initial collection was greatly boosted with assistance from my Grandma who had been saving stamps for sometime for just such a purpose (guess she knew before me).

My collecting interests have changed over the years and in 2009 after doing some casual selling of stamps surplus to my collecting interests I decided to make a business out of a hobby and it has continued to this day. I do still have some collecting interests however these lie outside my main business areas to keep things seperate.


I aim to provide an online shopping experience that makes good use of current technology while remaining easily usable for all my customers.

My focus is on offering a wide range of Stamps, Booklets and Covers from Australia and Territories (Australian Antarctic Territory, Christmas Island, Cocos (Keeling) Islands and Norfolk island) all at competitive prices with descriptions that accurately reflect the condition of the items being offered.

I also supply a comprehensive range of stamp, coin and banknote collecting supplies including catalogues, albums, storage products and all the other various accessories and supplies to help make your collecting experience enjoyable. Discounted prices are offered on most items with greater discounts also offered when purchasing in quantity.


As a long standing member of the Internet Philatelic Dealers Association (IPDA) I abide by the published code of ethics in all my dealings. As a human sometimes things will not go as well as would be preferred by myself or the customer however every effort will be made to resolve all issues satisfactorily and your patience and understanding in such situations will always be appreciated. The terms and conditions and delivery information pages provide everything you need to know regarding deliveries and any unfortunate cases of wanting to return items.

Many interesting lines of collecting are practically closed to all but the wealthy. But stamp collecting is open to all, for the expenditure may in its case be limited at the will of the collector to shillings or pounds.