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BILLS Banknote Album for 300 Banknotes BILLS Banknote Album for 300 Banknotes
-12 %
Brand: Lighthouse
High-quality album with 100 integrated, clear sheets for 300 banknotes. Special protection with sheets that are 100 % free from acid and chemical softener. The album has an attractive, cheerful look thanks to the coloured banknote motifs from all over the world. Practical and resistent as it features an easy-to-clean cover. Sheet inner format: 168 ..
$59.95 $67.95
Ex Tax:$54.50
Brand: Lighthouse
Album for 200 large first day letters (first day cover) and large postcards up to 243 x 133 mm (9 ½ x 5 ¼")  in size. With 50 double-sided, clear, chemical softener-free sheets and integrated black interleaves that are bound to the spine. The high-quality, blue leatherette cover is bound with a lockstitch seam. Incl. matching slipcase. Overall size..
$74.95 $79.95
Ex Tax:$68.14
Brand: Lighthouse
Blue A4* stockbook-album to store e.g. 128 letters, postcards, FDCs or miniature sheets up to (L x H): 195 x 100 mm (7 5 /8 x 4 "). Featuring 64 black or white pages and 2 transparent protective pockets per page (document-quality). The tried-and-tested double hinged binding means that filled pages lie flat. With a heavy-duty, padded leatheret..
$72.50 $75.00
Ex Tax:$65.91
Brand: Lighthouse
Premium leather ring binder for storing coins, banknotes, postcards and much more.Holds up to 15 NUMIS coin sheets.  Robust 4 D ring mechanism.Incl matching slipcase.Overall Size 235x240x60mm..
$75.00 $80.00
Ex Tax:$68.18
Brand: Lighthouse
Album for secure storage of 143 coins from all over the world. Contains 5 different NUMIS sheets (1 x NUMIS 44, 34, 25, 17 & MIX). The different sheet divisions guarantee flexible storage for coins of varying origins and sizes to suit your tastes. Made of high quality dark blue leatherette.  The album features an attractive spine and cover imprint ..
$45.00 $49.50
Ex Tax:$40.91
VARIO Banknote Album with Vario F Binder & Slipcase VARIO Banknote Album with Vario F Binder & Slipcase
-12 %
Brand: Lighthouse
VARIO F binder with sturdy 4-ring mechanism. 10 clear VARIO 3C pages for bank notes up to 195 x 85 mm. 11 black VARIO ZWL interleaves. Banknotes can be viewed from both sides. Grained cover.Includes matching slipcase. Overall size: 255 x 325 x 60 mm..
$75.00 $85.00
Ex Tax:$68.18
Album for 200 Euro Souvenir Banknotes Album for 200 Euro Souvenir Banknotes
-10 %
Brand: Lighthouse
Album for 200 “Euro Souvenir” banknotes for individual collecting. Album with 50 bound sheets for 4 banknotes per sheet. The transparent pockets are bound with the sheets. With lines next to each pocket for individual lettering. Colorful, laminated cover with various motifs of international banknotes. Incl. specimen of a “Euro Souvenir” banknote in..
$44.50 $49.50
Ex Tax:$40.45
GRANDE Classic Album for Coin Holders incl Slipcase
New -13 %
Brand: Lighthouse
Handmade ring binder for storing 200 coin holders (50 x 50 mm). Binder includes ten GRANDE sheets (20 coin holders per sheet), in classic design. The album can be expanded with additional GRANDE sheets. Sturdy 4 D-ring mechanism. Matching slipcase included.Overall size (slipcase): 293 x 335 x 68 mm..
$69.95 $79.95
Ex Tax:$63.59
Intercept Box for 100 QUADRUM Coin Capsules
-13 %
Brand: Lighthouse
This box actively protects your coins from oxidation thanks to the INTERCEPT® material inside. For 100 QUADRUM coin capsules or approx. 300 coin holders (50 x 50 mm, 2 x 2"). Suitable for coins and medals made of copper, gold, silver, brass, etc. Overall size: 370 x 125 x 64 mm (14 1/2 x 5 x 2 1/2").The way an INTERCEPT® box works is based on over ..
$34.95 $39.95
Ex Tax:$31.77
Brand: Lighthouse
High quality postcard album with 50 integrated clear sheets for holding up to 400 postcards up to 162x114mm in size.  Each sheet holds up to 8 postcards.  Capacity of 400 is if both sides of the sheet are used, if you wish to display both sides of the postcard the maximum capacity will be 200 postcards. High quality finish featuring seamed bindi..
$64.95 $69.95
Ex Tax:$59.05
Lighthouse TRADITION Stockbook A4 16 White Pages Leatherette Cover (Choice of 3 Colours) Pack of 2
-12 %
Brand: Lighthouse
Good things are timeless: The stockbooks TRADITION present themselves in a classic leatherette cover with gold-colored stamp illustration! The stockbooks TRADITION have, of course, all the important quality features that you have come to expect of all LEUCHTTURM stockbooks. For covers, pages, strips, binding and interleaves, we therefore only us..
$44.00 $49.95
Ex Tax:$40.00
Brand: Lighthouse
VARIO classic ring binder with matching slipcase and book-like leatherette cover. Holds up to 60 panels (depending on strength of documents). Binder size: 255 x 310 x 60 mm (10  1/4  x 12  1/2   x 2  1/3 ’’). Overall size: 257 x 316 x 63 mm..
$49.95 $55.00
Ex Tax:$45.41
VOLTERRA VARIO 3 Collectors Case VOLTERRA VARIO 3 Collectors Case
-13 %
Brand: Lighthouse
For storing medals, pocket watches, minerals, model cars, surprise egg characters and much, much more. Also suitable for storing QUADRUM coin capsules as well as coin holders. Variable compartments by means of 2 fixed and 15 flexible dividers. 60 mm width, length adjustable from 10–310 mm, height 40 mm. Visually attractive: mahogany wood grain fini..
$124.95 $143.95
Ex Tax:$113.59
Lighthouse VARIO PLUS Sheets - Black Pack of 5 Sheets (Choice of Pocket Sizes)
-20 %
Brand: Lighthouse
Stronger and stiffer than regular VARIO sheetsWelded crystal clear pocketsCompatible with regular VARIOOverall size 216 x 280mmSuitable for all VARIO and Hagner binders..
$15.95 $19.95
Ex Tax:$14.50
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