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Intercept Box for 100 QUADRUM Coin Capsules

Intercept Box for 100 QUADRUM Coin Capsules
Intercept Box for 100 QUADRUM Coin Capsules
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This box actively protects your coins from oxidation thanks to the INTERCEPT® material inside. For 100 QUADRUM coin capsules or approx. 300 coin holders (50 x 50 mm, 2 x 2"). Suitable for coins and medals made of copper, gold, silver, brass, etc. Overall size: 370 x 125 x 64 mm (14 1/2 x 5 x 2 1/2").

The way an INTERCEPT® box works is based on over 30 years of patented INTERCEPT® technology: the copper particles contained in the material permanently bond with corrosive gases and create a neutralised atmosphere in the shortest time possible, protecting coins and documents from tarnishing. Guaranteed protection up to 15 years*!. This method has been proven in line with approved DIN, EN, ISO and ASTM standards. In order to prolong the effectiveness of the INTERCEPT® box beyond 15 years, it is recommended that you close the box immediately after use and avoid opening it frequently.

*The effect duration will significantly exceed the specified 15 years under normal storage conditions! Very unfavorable conditions (e.g. exceptionally high air pollution or the constant opening of the capsules / boxes) could cause the effectivity of the Intercept materials to be used up prior to the 15 years. When the potential of the material has been exhausted, the film will turn a dark grey to green color (not the coins!). When this discoloration occurs, you should replace the product with a new one.