Volterra Presentation Case for PSA Trading Card Holder

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SKU: TCG368024


This case is specifically designed for a standard PSA Holder (87 x 183 mm) and provides a premium storage solution for your graded trading card. The centerpiece of this case is the glass lid, which allows a clear yet protective view of your precious collector’s items. The high-quality glass cover not only shields your graded trading card from external influences such as dust and moisture but also imparts an elegant and timeless aesthetic to the case. Whether placed on a shelf, desk, or wall, this case can be effortlessly displayed or hung to meet your individual presentation preferences. The slim exterior dimensions of 120×175×40mm allow for space-efficient storage without sacrificing elegance.
The practical magnetic closure ensures that your trading card is securely and firmly held in the case. This closure mechanism not only guarantees secure storage but also emphasizes the high-quality craftsmanship and thoughtful design of the Volterra case.

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