ULTRA Perfect Fit Round Coin Capsules (Pack of 10)

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The new ULTRA Perfect Fit premium coin capsules are tailor-made for many of the most common coins. Capsules are available for all euro coins and the most prevalent bullion coins – their precise measurements enabling the coins to sit snugly, with no sliding or wobbling. A really perfect fit! The capsules are made from high-quality polyacrylic (PMMA), meaning they are particularly scratch-resistant and display the coins

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1 euro 23.25mm, 1 euro cent 16.25mm, 1 oz Krügerrand gold 32.6mm, 1 oz Maple Leaf gold 30mm, 1 oz Maple Leaf silver 38mm, 10 euro cent 19.75mm, 2 euro 25.75mm, 2 euro cent 18.75mm, 2 oz Queen’s Beasts silver 38.61mm, 20 euro cent 22.25mm, 39 mm silver coins (Krügerrand, Britannia, Somalian Elephant) 38.73mm, 40.6 mm silver coins (American Eagle, Kookaburra, Koala, Kangaroo), 5 euro cent 21.25mm, 50 euro cent 24.25mm, British 50 pence piece 27.3mm, German 10-euro collectors' coins (starting 2019) 28.75mm, German 20-euro collectors' coins 32.5mm, German 5-euro collectors' coins 27.25mm