Stanley Gibbons Stamp Catalogue North East Africa 2nd Edition 2017

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Key Features

  • Second edition of this exciting new catalogue.
  • Colour illustrations.
  • Updated issues for Burundi, Djibouti, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Somalia and Sudan.
  • New Issues for South Sudan included
  • Prices fully revised with advice from specialist dealers to reflect current market conditions.
  • Comprehensive listings of Ethiopia and Sudan
  • UPU Specimen stamps now included

Detailed Contents/Countries Covered

All major varieties are included, notably perforation, watermark and shade variations, overprint types and major errors. Here you will find up-to-date lists for all the stamps from:

  • Burundi
  • Djibouti
  • Egypt
  • Eritrea
  • Ethiopia
  • Rwanda
  • Somalia
  • Sudan

Apart from the stamps of the current stamp issuing territories, the Stanley Gibbons North-East Africa catalogue also covers a number of other areas of interest, including:

  • British Forces in Egypt
  • Suez Canal Company
  • French Territory of the Afars and the Issas
  • Italian East Africa
  • Ruanda-Urundi

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