Stanley Gibbons Stamp Catalogue Germany & States 13th Edition 2022

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The Stanley Gibbons Germany catalogue is the only one published in English that contains all the stamps of Germany from the early States, through the two World Wars, the reunification in 1990 up to modern-day Germany.

Key Features

Major varieties including perforation, watermark and shade variations, overprint types and major errors are included.

Booklets are listed and priced and also notes are provided on Machine Labels

  • Prices carefully revised throughout
  • Updated Germany design index
  • Germany Y- Flowers series updated
  • Contact details are provided for societies with an interest in Germany

Information is provided at the beginning of each country covering history, early stamp issues and currency changes.

Modern Germany new issues updated to May 2022.

Detailed Contents/Countries Covered

The Stanley Gibbons Germany Catalogue is the only catalogue published in English which covers all the stamp issues of Germany in a single volume.  It is a detailed and highly informative catalogue, ideal for any collector who specialises in any aspect of German stamps.

Apart from the stamps of the current issuing country, the Stanley Gibbons Germany Catalogue covers a number of other areas of interest, including:

  • German States
  • North German Confederation
  • Alsace and Lorraine
  • Germany, 1871-1945
  • Allied Occupation of Germany
  • Berlin (Western Sectors)
  • German Democratic Republic (East Germany)
  • German Occupation Issues, 1914-1918
  • Allenstein
  • Danzig
  • Marienwerder
  • Memel
  • Saar
  • Schleswig
  • Upper Silesia
  • German Occupation Issues, 1939-1945
  • German Occupation of the Channel Islands
  • Cameroun
  • Caroline Islands
  • German East Africa
  • German New Guinea
  • German Post Offices in China
  • German Post Offices in Turkish Empire
  • German South West Africa
  • Kiachow
  • Mariana Islands
  • Marshall Islands
  • Samoa
  • Togo

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