Stanley Gibbons Stamp Catalogue Commonwealth & British Empire 1840-1970 2024 Edition

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  • The authoritative reference source for GB and Commonwealth information – all stamps from 1840-1970 listed and priced.
  • Listings include variations in watermark, paper, perforation and printing methods, major shades, watermark varieties, important plate flaws, errors, stamp booklets, officials, postage dues, government telegraph stamps and booklets (all listed and priced).
  • Guidance is given throughout the catalogue on subjects such as unusual usages, overprint settings, forgeries and much, much more.
  • Unique listing by SG number.
  • Full colour illustrations.
  • Invaluable six-page article on stamp condition.
  • Helpful guide to valuing stamps on commercial cover up to 1945.
  • Strengthened, casebound binding for extra durability.
  • Whether you are an active buyer of Commonwealth stamps or a dealer, it is vital to be right up to date with this very active market – and there is no more up-to-date reference than the 2024 ‘Part 1’.

Important Additions To The 2024 Edition:

  • A brand new priced listing of the Departmental Officials of South Australia – where no less than 54 government departments had stamps overprinted with their initials for official correspondence.
  • A new note refers to the remainder cancellations applied to unsold stocks of British South Africa Company stamps on the creation of Northern and Southern Rhodesia in 1924. It is pointed out that used prices may refer to
  • The listing of India and Pakistan stamps used in Dubai prior to the issue of stamps for the British Postal Agencies in Eastern Arabia has been substantially expanded and is now fully priced.
  • A number of new plates and some completely new listings have been added to the Great Britain stamps used in South and Central America.
  • New plate and watermark varieties have been added throughout the catalogue, including some more ‘Damaged frame and crown’ flaws on the Edward VII ‘Imperium’ keyplates. Other plate flaws appear in Antigua, Ascension, Australia, Ceylon, South Africa and elsewhere.
  • New notes have been provided to assist collectors in the correct identification of scarcer varieties, warnings about forgeries and to give further cetails on printings, release dates, varieties and much else. Notes regarding the use of overprinted British stamps in the UK have been revised.
  • Previously unillustrated varieties are now shown for the first time (Canada, India, Malaysia, etc) and several formerly listed but unpriced varieties have now been given a valuation.
  • Prices have been checked throughout and there are revisions to nearly all countries and every period from the 1850s to the 1960s, mint and/or used. The large number of price increases reflects the continuing demand for Commonwealth stamps in fine condition, but there are a few reductions as well, so it will pay to have the new catalogue to refer to if you are buying or selling.

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