Lighthouse Stockbook COMFORT – Padded Leatherette Cover with 64 White A4 Pages (Choice of 4 Cover Colours)

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The Lighthouse Stockbook COMFORT A4 offers 64 white pages with a padded leatherette cover, providing a luxurious feel and durability.  Each page contains 9 clear glassine strips, allowing for easy organization and display of stamps or other collectibles.  The double interleaves with double hinge binding ensure that the pages lay flat and securely hold your items in place, making it a perfect choice for any collector looking for a high-quality stockbook.

Stockbooks are stamp albums made of cardboard pages with horizontal glassine or foil strips into which stamps are inserted. Even if part of the collection is stored elsewhere, e.g. in preprinted albums: Stockbooks as a storage place for doubles, as a mobile solution e.g. for exchange days or also as a place to store the most expensive pieces in the locker, they are an indispensable part of the philatelist’s tools of the trade.

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Weight2 kg
Cover Colour

Black, Blue, Green, Red