Lighthouse / Hawid Stamp Mounts Clear Strips for Larger Sizes Pack of 10

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Strips to offer maximum protection against sticking, discolouration, dust and humidity. Stamps held securely  in place by strong clamp-type seal. SF mounts are made from 100% polystyrene (free from softening agents, acids and stabilising chemicals). Antireflection coating prevents light interference. Special adhesive on reverse side of film (simply moisten and stick down!).

D = Doragard (closed top and bottom, open at back)

d = double seal (closed top and bottom)

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Mount Size

217×60 mm Pack of 10, 217×64 mm Pack of 10, 217×66 mm d Pack of 10, 217×70 mm d Pack of 10, 217×72 mm d Pack of 10, 217×78 mm d Pack of 10, 217×82 mm d Pack of 10, 217×86 mm d Pack of 10, 217×92 mm d Pack of 8, 217×68 mm d Pack of 10, 217×75 mm d Pack of 10, 217×76 mm d Pack of 10