Lighthouse GRANDE Sheets Black Pack of 5

$14.95 incl GST

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Clear welded strips completely cover the inserted collection items, thereby offering optimum protection. Document quality: 100% free from chemical softeners and acids. 8-cm perforation. The Black S sheets provide double sided storage with black backing between the sides.

Binders, clear single sided sheets and black interleaves are also available and can be purchased seperately.

Additional information

Black Grande Sheets

1S 1 Pocket 306x216mm, 2S 2 Pockets 150x216mm, 2ST 4 Pockets 150x106mm, 3S 3 Pockets 98x216mm, 4S 4 Pockets 72x216mm, 5S 5 Pockets 56x216mm, 6S 6 Pockets 46x216mm, 7S 7 Pockets 38x216mm, 8S 8 Pockets 33x216mm



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