LGNDR Eau de Parfum – Bigarade Santal 50 ml

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LEGENDÄR Scents. Sophistication can be so simple. A bottle of magic and magnetism for men and women. Fragrances of character. Complex compositions. Bouquets of clarity. Classic contemporaries. Heady, yet wholesome. Liquid artisanry. Known for its use in food, cosmetics and perfumes, Bigarade orange brings the zesty coolness of ripe citrus to this fragrance. The soft warmth of sacral sandalwood soothes, smooths and lends an oriental touch to the brisk and tangy Bigarade. Woody, dynamic and bittersweet. Sandalwood is redefined in a rustic fusion with cedar and tangy vetiver. Brightened by the bitter citrus of Bigarade orange, bergamot and grapefruit, it features subtle floral notes and a sweet breath of rose, musky angelica and cardamom. Natural birch gives it a hint of soft leather to seal this timeless sensual feast. Top: Bergamot Italy, bigarade orange and grapefruit Heart: Rose and cardamom Guatemala Base: Vetiver Haiti, cedar wood Virginia and sandal wood with a hint of birch tar.