HAWID Pre Cut Stamp Mounts Pack of 50 Black

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For all popular stamp formats. The strip mount is 4 mm bigger in size, so the stamp can be placed in the centre, as if in a frame.

Clear stamp mounts are ideal for e.g. organising pre-printed (illustrated) pages. By contrast, the stamp mounts featuring a black backing film highlight the stamp’s perforated edge, showcasing the actual stamp.

All the benefits at a glance:

• Years of experience in the production of stamp mounts
• ‘Made in Germany‘ quality
• Extensive range of stamp strips
• Holds stamps securely in place thanks to the strong seam
• Maximum protection against sticking, discolouration, dust and moisture
• Material: 100% polystyrene (free from chemical softener, acid, stabilisers)
• Anti-glare coating prevents irritating light reflections
• Specially gummed on the back of the film (simply moisten and stick)
• Strips and ‘cut-to-size‘ mounts are also available in your desired size

Additional information

Stamp Mount Size

20 x 24mm, 20 x 26mm, 21 x 24mm, 21.5 x 26mm, 22 x 26mm, 23 x 26mm, 23 x 27.5mm, 24 x 29mm, 24 x 40mm, 24 x 41mm, 26 x 21.5mm, 26 x 40mm, 26 x 43mm, 27.5 x 33mm, 29 x 24mm, 30 x 41mm, 31 x 26mm, 32 x 53mm, 33 x 27.5mm, 33 x 55mm, 35 x 35mm, 36 x 29mm, 39 x 30mm, 40 x 24mm, 40 x 26mm, 41 x 24mm, 41 x 26mm, 41 x 30mm, 41 x 41mm, 41 x 53mm, 43 x 26mm, 44.5 x 26.5mm, 46 x 27.5mm, 53 x 32mm, 53 x 41mm, 55 x 33mm