HAWID Stamp Mounts Pack of 50 Assorted Strips (Black or Clear)

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The strips provide maximum protection against sticking, discolouration, dust and humidity. SF mounts are free from softening agents, acids and stabilising chemicals and has special adhesive on reverse side of film.

217 mm (8 1 / 2 ’’) long strips, you can cut to your requirements. The stamp mounts featuring a black backing film highlight the stamp’s perforated edge, showcasing the actual stamp.

Following strip heights are included in the range:

Strip length x height mark, number in brackets

217 x 30 mm (10x)

217 x 40 mm (10x)

217 x 52 mm (10x)

217 x 70 mm (10x)

217 x 86 mm (10x)

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Mount Backing

Black, Clear