LGNDR Pen Clip

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A useful accessory for the brass writing instruments of the LGNDR TWYST series. The LGNDR Pen Clip’s organic design fits perfectly over TWYST’s angular form and rests securely just below the twist-action mechanism at the end of the pen. LGNDR Pen Clip is 32.3 mm in length, available in matt chrome finish and features the classic LGNDR rhombi-cross logo debossed into the round end of the clip. The contrasting combination of chrome and brass gives TWYST’S traditional design a contemporary look. The LGNDR Pen Clip allows you to fasten your LGNDR TWYST to the breast pocket of a shirt or jacket, secure loose documents for convenient carrying or clip it behind one of the elasticized textile bands that secure LEGENDÄR’s Document Folder HYDE. Use: Slip the Pen Clip over the top cap of your writing instrument and slide it into place.