Stanley Gibbons Stamp Catalogue India & Indian States 6th Edition 2023

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Key Features

  • A comprehensive design index for Indian stamps, 1947-date makes stamp identification easy.
  • This edition of the India Catalogue lists and prices all stamps issued to the level of detail familiar to the users of the British Commonwealth & Empire Stamps Catalogue.
  • Prices up to 1970 have been extracted from the British Commonwealth and Empire Stamps 2023 catalogue.
  • Later issues have been revised and updated specially for this catalogue.
  • Colour illustrations throughout.
  • Listings are now complete to December 2022.
  • Helpful notes on assessing prices and values of the early issues of India.
  • Fully priced listings of Indian stamps used in Abyssinia, Aden, Bahrain, British East Africa, Dubai, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Muscat, the Straits Settlements and Zanzibar, with extended notes of their use in Burma.


  • Prices have been carefully reviewed and revised to reflect the current strength of the market for all Indian stamps.
  • The India used abroad listings now include Dubai and Kuwait and there is an abbreviated listing of Indian stamps known used in the sub-offices of Aden.
  • The listings of the 1971 Refugee Relief Fund overprints have been extensively revised, with a number of new overprints and varieties listed for the first time and extended notes on their use.
  • Several new plate, watermark and other varieties have been added throughout the catalogue.
  • New illustrations and additional notes continue to enhance the usefulness of this invaluable reference work.

Detailed Contents/Countries Covered

  • The Stanley Gibbons India catalogue lists and prices the stamps of India from the earliest issues of Sind Province (1852) and the East India Company (1854-1864) up to the end of 2022, to the level of detail familiar to users of the Part 1 British Commonwealth listings.
  • The catalogue includes details of Indian stamps used abroad, with fully priced listings in several cases, also the stamps of Indian Expeditionary and Custodian forces overseas and the issues of the Indian Convention and Feudatory states.
  • Major plate flaws, watermark varieties, shades, official stamps, telegraphs and booklets are all listed.Details of issues up to 1970 have been extracted from Stanley Gibbons 2023 Commonwealth and British Empire Stamp Catalogue.

The Stanley Gibbons India Catalogue covers a number of areas of interest including:

  • India 1852-2022, including stamp booklets, official stamps and telegraph stamps
  • India Used Abroad – detailed notes for the Aden sub-offices and Burma and brief notes for French Indian Settlements, Nepal, Portuguese India and Tibet.
  • India Used Abroad – fully priced listings for Abyssinia, Aden, Bahrain, British East Africa, Dubai, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Malaya (Straits Settlements), Muscat, Guadur and Zanzibar.
  • China Expeditionary Force
  • Indian Expeditionary Force
  • Indian Custodian Forces in Korea
  • Indian U.N. Force in Congo
  • Indian U.S. Force in Gaza (Palestine)
  • International Commission in Indo-China
  • Indian National Army – detailed notes
  • Japanese Occupation of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands – detailed notes
  • India Convention States (including Official Stamps): Chamba, Faridkot, Gwalior, Jind, Nabha, Patiala
  • India Feudatory States (including, where issued, Official Stamps and Booklets): Alwar, Bamra, Barwani, Bhopal, Bhor, Bijawar, Bundi, Bussahir, Charkhari, Cochin, Dhar, Dungarpur, Duttia, Faridkot, Hyderabad, Idar, Indore (Holkar), Jaipur, Jammu and Kashmir, Jasdan, Jhalawar, Jind, Kishangarh, Las Bela, Morvi, Nandgaon, Nawanagar, Orchha, Poonch, Rajasthan, Rajpipla, Shahpura, Sirmoor, Soruth, Travancore, Travancore-Cochin, Wadhwan

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