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Gold Coins Of The World 9th Edition

Gold Coins Of The World 9th Edition
Gold Coins Of The World 9th Edition
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When the first edition of Gold Coins of the World made its debut in 1958m it forever changed the way gold coins were collected, catalogues, traded and priced. From just 384 pages in 1958, Gold Coins of the World has expanded to the extent that it now contains more than triple the information of its ancestor. It still stands alone as the first and only book to describe, catalogue and price two millennia of gold, platinum and palladium coin issues from across the globe. From the first coins of the ancient Greeks to the most recently – issues modern commemoratives, they are all here, an astonishing compilation of more than 21,000 individual coin listings accompanied by over 8,000 actual size photographs, some of which are only otherwise found in rare, out – of – print books. The prices have been completely updated and for the most part raised substantially, to reflect the dynamics of today’s market. Entire sections have been expanded, many illustrations have been added or improved, and hundReds of new discoveries and recent issues have been included for the first time.

For the numismatist, banker, economist, historian, institution of higher learning, or a fancier of the noble metal in all its forms, Gold Coins of the World is a book for every library, public and private.

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