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Double Ultra-Violet (UV Lamp) L81

Double Ultra-Violet (UV Lamp) L81
Double Ultra-Violet (UV Lamp) L81
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This handy UV hand lamp combines two functions in one device. Stamps, banknotes, credit cards, telephone cards etc. can be checked for fluorescence and phosphorescence in equal measure. The combination of short- and long-wave UV rays (254/380 nm) makes the lamp extremely practical for the user. The UV hand lamp has a built-in filter against long-wave residual light *. Battery operated: 4x AA. 4 watts (254 nm) or 3-4 milliwatts (380 nm). External format: 55 x 163 x 23 mm.

* Short-wave UV lamps have a residual portion of long-wave UV light, which can make analysis more difficult. The double UV lamp L 81 contains a special filter before the short-wave lamp, which filters out this long-wave residual light.
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