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Stanley Gibbons Stamp Catalogue Hong Kong 6th Edition 2018

Stanley Gibbons Stamp Catalogue Hong Kong 6th Edition 2018
Stanley Gibbons Stamp Catalogue Hong Kong 6th Edition 2018
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This new edition of the Hong Kong catalogue, lists all stamps of the former British colony and the Special Administration Region of the People’s Republic of China, inaugurated on 1 July 1997. 
Prices have been carefully revised to reflect the strong market for this area. 
New issues are now listed up to January 2018.

• This edition of the Hong Kong Catalogue lists and prices all stamps, from the first stamps issued in 1862, to the level of detail familiar to the users of the British Commonwealth & Empire Stamps Catalogue
• Prices up to 1970 have been extracted from the British Commonwealth & Empire Stamps Catalogue 2016. Later issues have been extensively revised and updated specially for this edition
• Colour illustrations throughout
• Watermark varieties, shades, plate flaws, major errors, booklets, postal fiscals and postcard stamps are all included; There is a helpful guide to prices of stamps on cover up to 1945 and the Crowned Circle ‘Paid At’ handstamps, in use before the arrival of the first stamps, are listed and priced 
• A design index is provided for all commemorative and pictorial stamps issued since 1935
• Prices have been extensively revised. 
This has resulted in increases in some areas and reductions elsewhere – so if you base your buying and selling decisions on the prices in this catalogue, you need the latest edition to avoid making costly mistakes.

• There are new watermark varieties in King George V and in the ‘CHINA’ overprints. The ‘Short THI’ variety on the first Queen Elizabeth $1.30 is now illustrated and priced, while other varieties are illustrated in colour for the first time.

The Stanley Gibbons Hong Kong Catalogue covers a number of areas of interest including:

• Postage dues
• Postcard stamps
• Postal fiscals
• Stamp booklets
• Premium booklets
• Japanese Occupation of Hong Kong
• British Post Offices in China (Hong Kong stamps)
• British Post Offices in Japan (Hong Kong stamps)

Guidance is also given on valuing stamped covers prior to 1945.

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