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Brand: Lighthouse
The L180 box actively protects your collection from ageing and oxidation thanks to the INTERCEPT® material inside. Ideal for protecting paper, coins and medallions. Suitable for postcards, letters, stockcards, documents, coin sets, etc. up to 180 x 160 mm (7 x 6 1/3") in size. Overall size: 331 x 160 x 185 mm (13 x 6 1/3 x 7 1/3").The way an INTERC..
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Brand: Lighthouse
LIGHTHOUSE turn-bar binder DP PERFECT is very popular for its simple and safe handling.Other advantages:Exceptionally large capacity.Practical mechanism for adding or re-arranging album pages, blank sheets or stock pages.Sturdy, padded cover.Superb quality of materials and workmanship.Binder Size: 285 x 315 mmCapacity: up to 120 SF Illustrated albu..
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