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Brand: Lighthouse
Aluminum coin case for up to 10 MB coin drawers or 6 XL coin drawers. Lined with dark red velour, lockable (two keys), sturdy and easy-to-carry hinged handle, metal fittings as well as labelling field. Overall size: 265 x 225 x 320 mm (10 ½ x 8 ? x 12 ?"). Note: Coin boxes are not included...
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Brand: Lighthouse
High quality chest for securely storing up to 10 standard coin drawers (MB) or 6 XL coin drawers Premium look makes it ideal as an item of furniture Inner surface lined with light felt Lockable (2 keys) Overall size: 230 x 260 x 343mm..
Ex Tax:$181.77
Brand: Lighthouse
Coin boxes for coin capsules, drawers available with smoke-coloured or grey drawers, Choice of 2 colours for inserts: dark red (with smoke-coloured drawers) or bright red (with grey drawers).  Compartments for LIGHTHOUSE coin capsules. Double protection for extra valuable coins. Special grooves for easy removal.The coin drawer system can be exte..
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Brand: Lighthouse
Coin case in high quality imitation leather for 10 MB coin drawers.  Coin case in black imitation leather.  Inn lining in burgundy velour, lockable (2 keys), 4 plated feet. Dimensions (L/W/H): 328 x 265 x 245mm. *Coin drawers available seperately..
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Brand: Lighthouse
Aluminium coin case for 10 SMART coin drawers.  The inside is lined with dark blue velour, lockable (2 keys), with labelling field, sturdy comfortable carrying handle, metal fittings.  Size (L/W/H): 280 x 213 x 203mm...
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Brand: Lighthouse
This high-quality chest in elegant, mahogany-stained wood has space to store up to 10 L-sized TAB trays. The interior surfaces also features mahogany-stained wood and the case features a secure and unobtrusive magnetic lock. Lockable (2 keys). Overall size: 372 x 246 x 226 mm (14  2 / 3 x  9  2 / 3 x  9").   Choose from our extensive range of tra..
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Brand: Lighthouse
Display and store your valuable coins to their best advantage in these superb coin boxes.  They provide a perfect combination of form, function and safety. There are many advantages to the new SMART boxes: Suitable for bank vault storage Crystal clear box frame with dark blue tray Velvety soft blue inserts 8 different divisions Stackable O..
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