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Coin & Banknote Collecting Supplies

Coin & Banknote Collecting Supplies
RENNIKS Coin Holders 63x63mm Pack of 50 Staple Type
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Made by Europe's leading manufacturer from acid reduced materials, eliminating coin discouluration.  The clear mylar facing expands to take coins of varying thickness...
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Brand: Lighthouse
The premium ULTRA coin capsules are made of very scratch-resistant and extra clear acrylic. The rimless capsules are available for all common coins with a diameter of 14 to 41 mm. Secure locking, yet easy to open.Perfect fit for 2-euro coins (inside Ø 25.75 mm) and German 10-euro coins (inside Ø 32...
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Brand: Lighthouse
For storing medals, pocket watches, minerals, model cars, surprise egg characters and much, much more. Also suitable for storing QUADRUM coin capsules as well as coin holders. Variable compartments by means of 2 fixed and 15 flexible dividers. 60 mm width, length adjustable from 10–310 mm, height 40..
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