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Renniks Stamps of Australia Catalogue 16th Edition 2019 - Now Available Renniks Stamps of Australia Catalogue 16th Edition 2019 - Now Available
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Brand: Renniks
Renniks Stamps of Australia 16th Edition – Australia’s best selling philatelic guide This comprehensive guide to Australian stamps, now in its 16th edition, covers issues all the way up to 31/12/2018. Contains Postage Stamps in Australia Watermarks, Perforations Colonial Stamps of Australia New South Wales Colonial Stamps Queensland Colo..
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Brand: Seven Seas
Brand New edition covering all issues to Feb 2017400 pages, New A4 formatCovers Australia, AAT, Christmas & Cocos (Keeling) Islands Stamps, FDCs, Packs, Year Books and Postal StationeryIllustrated in Full Colour..
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This Hardcover Edition is 1,232 pages and covers the following areas:Germany, North German Confederation and Empire, Local Issues 1923 Auslandspostämter, colonies and Shipmail abroad, cast issues of the First and Second World War, vote areas, Belgian military post in the Rhineland, Danzig, Memel, Bohemia and Moravia, General Government, Sudetenland..
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This Hardcover Edition is 1,422 pages and covers the following areas:German Local Issues from 1945 with official editions and private products; Joint Issues, Berlin and Brandenburg, Soviet zone; German Democratic Republic, Berlin (West), Saarland and Saarland as federal country; French zone, American and British Zone; BRD.Contains approximately 8,8..
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22. ed. 2018 approx. 750 pages, approx. 3.200 illustrationsA lot of the latest research findings in the new edition of this catalog included. Worthy of note: P 91 from Bavaria is now in two different printing records; in the cruiser-Wuerttemberg envelopes were recorded in color, as well as pre-and postal stationery-follower of the German vote and a..
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Approx. 1160 pages, 11000 coloured pictures and 62300 price quotations...
Ex Tax:$81.82
Covers following countries:Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Karelia, Latvia, Lithuania, Republic of Central Lithuania, North Ingria, Norway, 12000 coloured illustrations and about 62000 price quotations..
Ex Tax:$90.91
Covers following countries:Aegean Islands, Bulgaria, Crete, Cyprus, Eastern Rumelia, Epirus, Greece, Icaria, Ionian Islands, Romania, Samos, Thrace, Turkey, Turkish CyprusApprox. 1280 pages, ca. 19000 coloured illustrations and about 73000 price quotations..
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Covers following countries:German. Content: Alderney, Belgium, Great Britain, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Irleand, Jersey, Luxembourg and the 17500 coloured illustrations and about 82000 price quotations..
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77th editionHard cover, case bound, specialised catalogue of the Netherlands & ColoniesIncludes varieties, stamp booklets, FDC, ATM, Antilles, Aruba, Dutch Indies & Surinam to 1975; now includes a seperate booklet plate varieties & abbreviations list Dutch/English/ChineseThis year with special section numeral cancellations Netherlands, valuations i..
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A Complete Guide Book On Indian Philately.Hard bound, over 425 pages in colour1. British India Postage Stamps (1852-1947) including Essays, Proofs and official issues.2. Post-independence stamps (1947 till April 2017)3. Definitives, service and military issues4. Mini sheets, panes and sheetlets, se-tenants and tete beches5. First Day Covers and oth..
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2019 JAPAN SAKURA STAMP CATALOGUE, printed in full colour and containing Japan’s National stamp issues, Prefecture stamp issues, Definitive stamps, National Parks, New Year and Greetings stamps. Published in Japanese language but with English Language headings – easy to follow, 352 pages.    ..
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This year celebrates another milestone in the 150-year history of the Scott catalogs. The 2019 volumes are the 175th edition of the Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue. Vol. 6A includes listings for countries of the world San (San Marino) through Tete. Listings for countries of the world Thai (Thailand) through Z can be found in Vol. 6B.Contains..
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267 full coloured pagesStamps are covered as below:Bangkok, B.M.A., Federated Malay States, Federal Territory, Japanese Occupation of Kelantan, Japanese Occupation of Malaya, Johore, Kedah, Kelantan, Labuan, Malacca, Malayan Federation, Malayan Postal Union, Malaysia, Negeri Sembilan, North Borneo, Japanese Occupation of North Borneo, Pehang, Penan..
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