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Australian Commonwealth Specialists Catalogue (ACSC)

Australian Commonwealth Specialists Catalogue (ACSC)
Brand: Brusden White
The Fifth Edition is printed in full colour for the first time. Revisions and corrections have been made throughout the catalogue, with a number of new discoveries and plate varieties added, especially in the ½d, 3d, and 4d values. Prices have been fully revised, with the sale of several major colle..
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Brand: Brusden White
4th Edition April 2019full colour in new A4 format, fully revised and incorporating new illustrations, and including Postage Due and BCOF issues, 4th edition, 232 pages, softbound, 2019..
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Brand: Brusden White
full colour in new A4 format, fully revised and incorporating new illustrations, and including Postage Due, Australian /Antarctic Territory and Cocos (Keeling) Island issues, 4th edition, 276 pages, softbound, 2019..
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Australian Commonwealth Specialists Catalogue (ACSC) - Decimals I 1966-1975
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Brand: Brusden White
This volume covers Australian Decimal Issues from 1966-1975 in very comprehensive detail, the most specialised and comprehensive publication for Australian Decimal issues.2nd edition436 pagesSoftboundPublished 2002..
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Brand: Brusden White
This new edition updates the previous 2013 edition, in full colour for the first time, and in the new A4 format. The listings have been fully revised with some additions and corrections, and with additional illustrations. Two cover prices are now provided, for solo usages and for other uses of each ..
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Brand: Brusden White
Full colour in new A4 format, fully revised with additional illustrations. Through to the end of 2001, including booklets containing States stamps, numbers issued of most early booklets, detailed listings of 1960-73 edition and advert combinations and the 1979-2001 period specialised, 3rd edition, 1..
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Brand: Brusden White
A4 Size, 484 Pages, Perfect BoundThis new edition updates the first edition (2013), incorporating a number of corrections and new discoveries. In particular, the Postal Cards up to 1936 have been extensively revised, and there are many additions to the listing of Lettercards. The decimal stationery ..
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Brand: Brusden White
by Hugh Freeman, APR (Brusden-White, 2017), hardbound with dust jacket, 376 pages. The second edition incorporates all new discoveries and revisions, with additional illustrations and adjusted rarity ratings. Hugh's research in this area has been acknowledged with the award of the Research Medal of ..
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Brand: Brusden White
Hard-bound with dust jacket, 492 pages in colour. This new edition updates the earlier edition published by The Royal Philatelic Society of Victoria Inc with details of all new discoveries and updated rarity ratings. The great achievement is Hugh's attempt to illustrate every different obliterator w..
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Brand: Brusden White
by Geoff Kellow (B & K Philatelic Publishing, 1990), hardbound with dust jacket, 404 pages. Still the pre-eminent reference, this book presents an in-depth treatment of all of Victoria's stamps. For each stamp a history is presented in its entirety, commencing with essays and proofs, production tech..
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