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This innovative drying book is a must for flat out soaking of stamps off paper. The Desert Magic Drying System utilizes a special release paper with heavy blotting pages. The release paper will not permit stamps, even those with problem gums like PVA, to adhere to the drying surface. The absence of ..
Ex Tax:$27.27
Discover the hidden rarities in your collection with this bestselling handheld tool. The NEW Stanley Gibbons Detectamark Spectrum makes it even easier to discover the hidden rarities in your collection. It is simplicity itself to use and the mulitiple colour settings and adjustable light source, uni..
Ex Tax:$268.18
An essential stamp collecting accessory, the Stanley Gibbons Colour Key is the best guide to philatelic colours and shades available. Designed with 200 colours featured on punched colour panels and supplied in a plastic case, the Stanley Gibbons Colour Key allows collectors to quickly and easily id..
Ex Tax:$31.82
The Instanta Perforation Gauge is a vital piece of equipment, measuring perforations on stamps to one decimal point...
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Brand: Lighthouse
Do you want to measure, examine or encapsulate your coins? Or would you rather put your newly acquired stamps “under the microscope” or sort them into a stockbook or album?This soft, heavy-duty mat provides ideal working conditions and protects tabletops as well as your collectors’ items from scratc..
Ex Tax:$22.73
Brand: Lighthouse
Stamp drying book with 10 sheets made from extra-strong blotting card and 10 extra strong interleaves. These maintain the shape of the drying book even after many years of use and prevent the stamps from sticking. Card cover and spiral binding. Size: 220 x 300 mm (8  2/3 x 11  3/4 ’’)...
Ex Tax:$25.00
Brand: Lighthouse
Features 3 different light colours (warm white, neutral white and daylight white) and 4 different brightness settings.  Easy to use by lightly touching the symbols on the lamp base.  The extremely flexible lamp neck allows you to move the lamp into almost any position.  With non slip pads on the bas..
Ex Tax:$100.00
Brand: Lighthouse
The SONNE 5 LED table lamp is a true all-rounder as it is a lamp, thermometer, (alarm) clock and calendar in one!Thanks to three different light colors (warm white, neutral white and daylight white) and 4 different brightness settings, this lamp allows you to select the desired lighting for virtuall..
Ex Tax:$150.00
Brand: Lighthouse
Stamp drying book with plastic binding,10 sheets of extra strong blotting paper. Overall size: 220 x 300 mm (8  2/3 x 11  3/4 ’’)...
Ex Tax:$15.00
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