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Ultra Violet (UV) & Desk Lights

Ultra Violet (UV) & Desk Lights
Brand: Lighthouse
This handy UV hand lamp combines two functions in one device. Stamps, banknotes, credit cards, telephone cards etc. can be checked for fluorescence and phosphorescence in equal measure. The combination of short- and long-wave UV rays (254/380 nm) makes the lamp extremely practical for the ..
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Brand: Lighthouse
Check stamps, coins, banknotes, credit cards and much more with the multi-tester. Check, for example, the fluorescent security features of banknotes to distinguish the original from the counterfeit. Ideal for your hobby or business. Due to the powerful 9W UV incident light tube (2G7 9W), U..
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Brand: Lighthouse
Long wave, hand held, portable model for the detection of florescence on stamps and tagging on currency or phone cards. 4 Watt efficiency. Requires 4 UM AA batteries. Broad spectrum of long waves. Peak efficiency at 366nm. "With the UV-analysis lamps you can determine the invisible taggings or marki..
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Brand: Lighthouse
For the detection of phosphorescence. Short wave UV light. Peak radiation efficiency at 254nm. For assured phosphorescence detection of stamps from Great Britain, USA, Israel, Finland and older issues from Canada and Mexico. Hand held portable model requires 4 UM AA batteries. "With the UV-analysis ..
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Brand: Lighthouse
Desk top model made of metal with powerful 4 Watt globe, 220 Volts. Allows for broad spectrum long wave radiation. Peak radiation efficiency at 366ww. 50Hz power supply. Please note: this lamp is mains power operated and is supplied with a European style plug, an adaptor is required for use within ..
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Brand: Lighthouse
The LUCY ultraviolet lamp is a top-of-the-range test device that offers the user not only high functionality but also a multitude of well thought-out details.The built-in, long-life UV-LED has a very wide wavelength spectrum from 254 nm (short-wave) to 390 nm (long-wave), which means that this devic..
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Brand: Lighthouse
Robust and practical flashlight with 2 functions: UV light and white light!The 6 UV LEDs with a wavelength of 365nm (long-wave) offer a variety of possible applications. The flashlight is suitable, for example, for the fluorescence determination of banknotes, stamps, minerals and fossils, for checki..
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