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Brand: Lighthouse
Multifunctional magnifier with 2.5x magnification (big lens) and 10x magnification (small lens).  Both aspheric lenses are made of acrylic glass to ensure high image quality.  Versatile use by means of 3 different illuminating functions: 3 high tech LEDS (torch), 1 long wave UV lamp as well as 1 LE..
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Brand: Lighthouse
Complete with practical LED microscope (15x magnification), enabling you to examine the fine details of pieces in your collection. 3x magnification (large lens) and 10x magnifcation (small lens). 3x magnifier10x magnifier1 LED white light15x LED microscopeUV lampLED pocket torch..
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Lighthouse LCD Digital Microscope with 10,500x Magnification
-10 %
Brand: Lighthouse
With its built-in 3.5" LCD screen, this digital microscope is easy to use and doesn’t have to be plugged into a PC or laptop. The 5-megapixel active pixel sensor, the 8 LEDs for illumination, and the adjustable focusing ensures excellent definition and crystal-clear images. The 4x digital zoom enabl..
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Brand: Lighthouse
High-magnification eyeglass magnifier for the detailed examination of stamps, coins and other collectibles. Also useful for repairing timepieces. 10x magnification.Glass lens with 13/16'' (21mm) diameter. Includes powerful LED light with adjustable arm. Black matte composite housing.Dimensions:2 x 1..
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Lighthouse 10x Precision Magnifier with LED and UV Lamp
-11 %
Brand: Lighthouse
Foldaway precision magnifier with 10x magnification.   3 lens system with achromatic and aplanatic lens for a focused and color accurate image.   Contains 6 powerful white LEDs. To analyze banknotes and certain stamps use the integrated long-wave UV lamp consisting of 7 UV LEDs.   Glass lens with 5/..
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Brand: Lighthouse
The PHONESCOPE macro lens turns your smartphone or tablet into a powerful digital microscope with up to 60x magnification. The finest details such as the mint markings on coins, the stamp printing processes and much more can be recognised and checked using the camera function on your smartphone. The..
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Brand: Lighthouse
Precision Magnifier (3 lens system), 10x magnification. Precision magnifier with 10 X magnification. High-resolution detail even for minute details (professional quality). 3-lens system with a diameter of 18 mm. Achromatic and aplanatic lens. Fold-away. Chrome-plated case. Overall size: 20..
$55.00 $59.95
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Lighthouse Precision 20x Magnifier Chrome Plated
-14 %
Brand: Lighthouse
Precision magnifiers with crisp 20x magnification. Professional quality. Triple lens system. Diameter: 3/4'' (18 mm). Achromatic and aplanatic lens. Chrome plated casing, fldaway, and comes with protective leather case.Dimensions: 3/4 x 3/4 x 1 1/4" (20 x 20 x 32 mm)...
$59.95 $69.95
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