Philatelic Accessories

Comprehensive range of accessories for stamp, coin and banknote collectors available.  Range includes tweezers, uv lights, magnifiers, stamp mounts and more.

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Leuchtturm Magic Frame - Choice of 6 Sizes

Put your collectors items such as coins, stamps, minerals, watches, medals etc into the limelight with these extraordinary frames.  2 transparent flex..

Ex Tax: $9.55

Lighthouse LCD Digital Microscope with 10,500x Magnification

With its built-in 3.5" LCD screen, this digital microscope is easy to use and doesn’t have to be plugged into a PC or laptop. The 5-megapixel active p..

Ex Tax: $359.95

Australian Stamps Mix on Paper 1kg

1kg used Australian stamps on paper.  All close cut.  Much duplication.  Thousands of stamps...

Ex Tax: $40.00

Lighthouse BASIS Work Mat

Do you want to measure, examine or encapsulate your coins? Or would you rather put your newly acquired stamps “under the microscope” or sort them into..

Ex Tax: $18.14

Lighthouse PHONESCOPE Macro Lens for Smart Phones and Tablets

The PHONESCOPE macro lens turns your smartphone or tablet into a powerful digital microscope with up to 60x magnification. The finest details such as ..

Ex Tax: $36.32