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Using the Lighthouse Hingeless Album System

The Lighthouse Hingeless Album System is a high quality album system based around illustrated album pages which are produced for most countries worldwide.  This sytem while quite expensive also provides a high degree of flexibility if you wish to move beyond just filling the illustrated albums.


The LB sheets provide the greatest flexibility due to the large variety of page styles and can be purchased as individual sheets.  These sheets have plastic pockets attached to the page with a range of strip sizes and layouts making them ideal for displaying complimentary items to the illustrated pages such as booklets, covers and packs.


Blank pages with or without borders are available in the same white card as the illustrated pages and a black card version with no border is also available.  Lighthouse Stamp Mounts or Photo Corners can then be used on these pages to display items not covered in the illustrated pages, blank pages are an excellent option for displaying varieties or errors where you wish to include a description or illustration.


These are similar to stockbook pages but designed for Lighthouse albums and provide a convenient way of storing stamps prior to being mounted into regular pages, a great option for storage of recent issues while awaiting the next annual album supplement.

There are currently delivery delays within Australia and Overseas due to limited cargo capacity and health restrictions.