Queensland Postal History – HM Campbell

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The book is divided into two roughly equal sections. The first covers the postal history, beginning with the days of the Moreton Bay District under New South Wales administration. The history of the more than 700 post offices that operated in Queensland between 1860 and 1913 is told against the background of the evolving pattern of numeral obliterators and datestamps.  Special services are comprehensively treated – travelling post offices, registration, late fees and postage due. A chapter on postal rates gives all currently available information and is supplemented by a 29-page Appendix covering the overseas letter rates, country by country, in the complex 1860-91 period.
The second section is postal markings. The story of the travelling post offices is told through to its final closure in 1932.
Nearly all the types of markings are illustrated, and a good feature of the book is the numerous illustrations of relevant covers interspersed through the text.
Appendices include coverage of some subjects not strictly under the postal history umbrella, but all of considerable interest and use. There is, for example, an official list giving the names and types of all the private perfins approved for use of Queensland stamps.
This is a standard text that will form the basis for all subsequent studies for many years to come.

The author in 1997 produced a supplement for the above book, see:
“Queensland Postal History and Australian Numeral Cancellations Supplements”.

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