Quadrum Coin Capsules

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  • INTERCEPT Box Q100 for 300 Coin Holders or 100 Quadrum Capsules

    $54.95 incl GST

    This box actively protects your coins from oxidation thanks to the INTERCEPT® material inside. For 100 QUADRUM coin capsules or approx. 300 coin holders (50 x 50 mm, 2 x 2″).

  • QUADRUM XL Square Coin Capsule for Extra Large Coins 42-58mm Pack of 5

    $15.50 incl GST

    Coin capsules for storing different extra-large coins / medals in one system. With 8 individually removable spacer rings for the fitment of coins / medals with a diameter of 42 up to 58 mm and a maximum height of 4,5 mm. Rings made of black foam (acid and softener free). Overall size: 67.25 x 67.25 x 7.8 mm. Pack of 5.

  • QUADRUM Coin Capsules (Inc Non-Cut Foam Insert) Pack of 10

    $14.95 incl GST

    As square capsules are all the same size, you can store coins of all sizes in one collection system. Capsules with perfectly fitting inlays (free from acid and chemical softener). Crystal-clear, scratch-resistant plastic provides optimum protection for your coins. Firm yet easy-to-open fastening. For optimum storage, we recommend our extensive collection of accessories on the following pages: choose from presentation cases, coin etuis, coin drawers and trays. This QUADRUM capsule comes with a foam insert but without cut-out.

  • QUADRUM Coin Capsules Pack of 10

    $14.95 incl GST

    The identical outer dimensions of the square capsules allow coins of different sizes to be stored in a single collectors’ system. Square coin capsules made from high-quality, scratch-resistant plastic. Secure yet easy-to-open locking. Capsules incl. precise-fit black insert for all the most common coins with a 14 - 41 mm diameter. Capsules available in mm increments.  Capsule size: 50 x 50 x 6.25 mm. For optimum storage, we recommend our collection of accessories: presentation cases,  coin etuis, coin boxes and drawers.

  • QUADRUM INTERCEPT Coin Capsules Pack of 6

    $14.95 incl GST

    QUADRUM Intercept - The square coin capsule with active protection agains tarnishing. QUADRUM Intercept represents a completely new technology for the coin collection! The material protects your coins actively from tarnishing. For over 30 years, the patented Intercept technology describes this process which is based on the special foam insert in the QUADRUM coin capsule. The copper particles in the material bind corrosive gases permanently and as a result neutralise harmful atmospheric substances inside the capsule. This protects the coins from tarnishing. Guaranteed protection up to 15 years*! The effect was verified by the reliable norms DIN, EN, ISO and ASTM amongst others.  Overall size: 50 x 50 x 6.25 mm  

  • QUADRUM Mini Square Coin Capsules Pack of 10

    $10.95$12.50 incl GST

    QUADRUM: The square coin capsule system – now also available in a “mini” version! The QUADRUM Mini coin capsules not only save space, they also offer all the advantages of the QUADRUM system: As square capsules are all the same size (38 x 38 x 6.4 mm / 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 x 1/4″), you can store coins of all sizes in one collection system – that applies for coins with a diameter of 10 mm (3/8″) up to 29 mm (1 1/8″). – Capsules with perfectly fitting inlays (free from acid and chemical softener) – For all common coins with a diameter of 10 to 29 mm / 3/8 to 1 1/8″ (available in mm increments) – Filling level of the capsules: 3.3 mm (1/8″) – Crystal-clear, scratch-resistant plastic provides optimum protection for your coins – Firm yet easy-to-open fastening – Soft and flexible EVA foam, softener and acid-free (pH neutral), resistant. For optimum storage, we recommend our extensive collection of accessories: Choose from presentation cases, coin etuis, coin drawers and trays.